Fast, Efficient, Simple!

A non-surgical, out-patient, non-hormonal treatment for improved vaginal health

How Does It Work?

FemTouch™ is an innovative CO2 laser technology, enabling to apply precise and controlled laser microbeams on the vaginal lining.  This allows stimulation of new tissue growth, by triggering collagen production.

What Should I expect?

FemTouch™ is an extremely gentle and comfortable procedure. Women who have started treatment with FemTouch™ have noticed improvement after just 1-2 treatment sessions.

How Do I know I am a Good Candidate?

FemTouch™ is suitable for premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women, from as young as 20, up to 70, or even 80 years old who are looking to improve their vaginal health.


With age and after childbirth, women start noticing symptoms related to their vaginal health that affect their lifestyle on different levels. Vaginal atrophy or dryness is a common symptom in post menopausal women that is sometimes accompanied by itching or pain regularly and also during sexual intercourse.

Stress urinary incontinence is another symptom appearing also in a younger demographic, in some cases already for women 20-45 years old. Women who have undergone childbirth will often notice symptoms of vaginal laxity which can impact their satisfaction with sexual intercourse.


“I didn’t even know that I really needed this procedure and now my husband and I are like ‘wow’! This has been great. I have told all of my friends about it!”

A.P , FemTouch Patient

“So little effort for such a positive patient response. My menopause patients are so thankful for helping them.  One patient said she felt 19 again!”

Dr. Scott Evan Eder, Gynecologist

“After 8 weeks and 2 treatments I could go back to running without any fear and discomfort that prevented me from running in the past. This is very important for a 45 year old woman!”

Marzia, FemTouch Patient

“Would not have expected such a comfortable procedure.”

A., FemTouch Patient